The Federalist Party

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The Federalist Party is one of the two original political parties in the United States of America. These two parties originated during the first administration of George Washington. They were formed as a result of different opinions towards the extent of authority the new government wielded. The discussions during the debate of the bank of United States clearly portrayed clear different opinions between the state and the nation’s authority. They also had different perspectives towards the proposed treaty with Great Britain (MacDonald, 1905). These divisions formed the first ever political parties who were not formally organized like the later parties. Most people at that time were anticipating the parties to be dissolved once the national government defined its stand on those issues, but they just gained a more proper form. These two parties were the Federalist Party and the republicans.…show more content…
It was a termed originating from those men who supported the ratification of the federal constitution, and by that period their stand was clear that these men supported the administration of the government at the time. The party supported the leadership of men with experience and supported ties with Great Britain. Federal party was known as the party of wealthy men with large chunks of land. The reason why they wanted a national government is that they believed that they government had a bigger role in protecting the American nation. This was from the notion that if a government was strong, it could properly fulfill the needs of the citizens adequately (MacDonald,
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