The Federalists Party

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Something as vast and great as the United States of America could never have come about because of one man or one group. This required the amazing effort of many people and organizations that would ultimately create one of the most unique and greatest empires to ever grace the earth. One of these would be the Federalists Party. The Federalists party advocated for a more unified government and more government regulation that would help shape the country and leave a lasting impression.
Alexander Hamilton along with James Madison and John Jay developed 85 essays in support of ratifying the constitution that appeared in newspapers and were eventually gathered as a book under the pen name Publius and was called The Federalist in 1788. The great
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One of the major foreign relations acts done by the party was the reaction over the revolutionary war in France and John Adams’ undeclared naval war with the French, known as the Quasi War. They wrote up four bills named the Alien and Sedition Acts and were passed by the fifth United States Congress and signed into law by John Adams in 1798. The four acts were the Naturalization Act which increased the requirement for American citizenship from five years to fourteen years of residency. Another was the Alien Friends Act which gave the president power to deport or imprison any illegal aliens that were considered to be dangerous to the American society. The Alien Enemies Act while similar to the previous act, gave the president authority to deport or imprison any male citizen of a hostile nation during war as long as they were over the age of fourteen. Lastly the Sedition Act restricted free speech among the people which violated people’s protection granted under the first amendment of the constitution. However during this time the practice of the Judicial Review was still in its early stages and therefore not always effective. These acts were ultimately what helped the democrats defeat the Federalists during the election of 1800. The Sedition Act was allowed to expire in 1800 and the Alien Friends Act in 1801. Thomas Jefferson ended up…show more content…
Federalist largely supported Britain’s system of government and their fight against France. Since almost all Federalists were from New England and traded heavily with Britain they were opposed to a war against them, fearing it would affect their trading. When Britain started blocking the United States’ trade with other countries this aided anti-British sentiments, as well as Britain supporting Native American attacks on westward expansion. When war was declared it rallied American patriotism, and since the federalist were strongly opposed to the conflict this weakened their support. Federalist gathered at the Hartford Convention to express the thoughts and opposition to the war. These unpatriotic actions and belief against allowing democracy to play a bigger part in ruling the country and electing leaders finally killed 4off the Federalist Party, dividing people into the different newly formed political
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