The Female Character 'Ligeia In The Birthmark'

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The characterization of women can be influenced in various ways and how the reader will perceive the characters. When short stories such as “The Birthmark” and “Ligeia” are analyzed the female characters are typically silenced and only presented from an outside perspective. This effects the way Georgiana is interpreted in the beginning of “The Birthmark” but as the story goes on and you learn more about her it reveals why she agreed with her husband. On the other hand, Lady Ligeia is only ever presented from an outside perspective and how she is depicted makes the reader wonder if she actually exists and if she does is she human. This story never reveals why he does certain things and leaves it open for the readers own opinion. The similarities that effects the…show more content…
In the beginning of the story Georgiana is characterized as being a foolish young girl that is extremely weak. She is dependent on other people's judgment and when her husband hates her birthmark that everyone thought made her so beautiful she asks him, “Then why did you take me from my mother's side? You cannot love what shocks you!”(page 1, paragraph 6). She was dependent on her mother to tell her what to do constantly and how she told her she was so beautiful, therefore, when she had a change in scenery it was confusing to her. After being told multiple times a day that he could not stand to look at her she figures out that when she compliments him she receives compliments in return. This shows that she is actually intelligent not a dumb girl. Throughout the entire time her husband, Aylmer, is experimenting on her she knows exactly what is going on and what it can and very possibly will result in, death. She is a strong woman that can be mistaken as weak by how devoted she is to her husband, but all she wants is for him to be happy which is why she follows through with his
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