The Female Characters Of Sara Paretsky And Beverly Jenkins

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The advocating of equal opportunities and treatment for men and women in the labor force is a cause many have continuously fought for over the past decades. The literature society has also played a significant part in this fight for equal opportunities. Female authors like Sara Paretsky and Beverly Jenkins have taken feminist stands by creating strong independent female characters that serve as examples of the ability women posses to be successful and influential in male dominated fields. These female characters are placed in professions where their ability to succeed is being questioned based on their gender. In order to tackle these obstacles, authors like Paretsky in her masculine genre and Jenkins in her more feminine genre have created characters possessing the “intense masculinity” (Reddy 3), their career paths are commonly characterized by, while holding onto their some of their femininity which in most cases is perceived as a threat to their success. As a female hard-boiled detective writer, Sara Paretsky makes the choice of creating a character in a masculine world that must compromise between her newly acquired masculinity and natural femininity. Beverly Jenkins on the other end is already set in a familiar genre being a romance writer, however she creates a character who assumes a male –dominated career in a male-dominated world who wrestles with what she is told to do as a woman and what she believes she deserves as a person. Both authors

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