The Female Patriots Analysis

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The poem The Female Patriots, Address'd to the Daughters of Liberty in America by Hannah Griffitts interprets the colonists' outrage against the new established British taxation. Because of this, Griffitts even adds encouragement regarding with the recruitment of other women to help out the opposition towards these new taxes. The purpose of her poem is to have influence on these women. Through Griffitts poem, Griffitts evidently exposes her belief in being a patriot. By doing so, this poem becomes patriotic through the instances that she goes over about the new British tax and how it is unfair. Another example is when she even states it's patriotic, "And well as we love the dear Draught when adry, As American Patriots, --our Taste we deny....." Overall, this poem is patriotic in the end because of these different insights Griffitts offers as a patriot. Men during the time Grifftitts wrote this poem were believing in the idea that women should be solely concentrating on domestic work, and can't see them doing anything else outside the house. So, seeing this as a regular man in this era with this mindset, I would come to think Hannah Griffitts is a delusional woman who believes she can conquer more than we men can. I would also come to believe that she will not have much…show more content…
The essence of her argument is that the support of women, she can change this idea. Griffiths also uses the general view that women don't have a voice on any issue by inserting, "And tho' we've no Voice, but a negative here...." By exposing this gender norm, Griffitts claims that she does realize women do not have a political voice of any kind. However, she believes that they have a negative opinion towards these new taxes anyway, voice or
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