Marxist Analysis Of Paulina Salinas

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“It’s his voice. I recognized it as soon as he came in here last night. The way he laughs. Certain phrases he uses.” said Paulina Salas. Isn’t it true that Paulina Salas has every right to take justice into her own hands and punish Robert Miranda for the horrendous crime of rape he has committed to several women in horrific fascist torture chambers? Isn’t it true that Gerardo is only thinking of himself and his career and not Paulina? Isn’t it true that Gerardo’s leadership of the Commission on Truth and Reconciliation will whitewash what happened in torture chambers and will protect the fascist torturers from ever receiving justice? In this paper it will be shown that the Marxists and feminists are correct. Marxists and feminists argue that Paulina is a heroine because she didn’t confess…show more content…
Although there is some value to the functionalists’ interpretation, it contains several weaknesses. The following review of some aspects of the plot will reveal some of those weaknesses. According to O’Brien (Hale 2013, 82-83), radical feminists argue that the core issue surrounding men and women lies within the domination of sexuality by men. Concerning rape, it is said that women who are virgins are off limits whereas women who are who have lost their virginity are known as “open territory”. Feminists believe that these arguments are absurd and that rape is considered one of the most extremes ways of showing male domination. The previous issues raised can be related to the movie because as we all know, Paulina was raped and tortured, however, the government was not planning on arresting the people who did those crimes. It’s clear that the situation was not considered a big deal and and that’s why they aren’t pursuing it and are instead hiding the incident. Rape is not something easily brushed off as we can see by Paulina’s reaction to when she recognizes the friendly doctor as the one who raped her. In one of the first
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