Gender Roles In Feminist Literature

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All throughout modern literature many different types of critical perspectives can be found while reading. Of the different critical perspectives (such as; Cultural, Feminist, Historical, and Marxist) the Feminist critical perspective provides society with the most compelling view when reading literature. Through the Feminist perspective displayed in literature we are able to see things such as the discrimination and exclusion of women solely based on their gender, the objectification of women, the power and oppression that others hold over them, as well as the different gender roles and stereotypes that women face. In the play, “Othello” written by William Shakespeare as well as the book “Frankenstein” written by Mary Shelley, we are able to see the way the Feminist perspective is displayed, the way it allows readers to have a basic understanding of the struggles of being a woman, and why it provides the most compelling view when reading literature. In “Othello” the Feminist perspective is very clear and appears a lot, one of…show more content…
The book perfectly displays the objectification of women. This objectification can be seen in the book whenever Victor regards Elizabeth as “his” and claims ownership of her as someone would to a piece of land. He goes as far as comparing his need to care for her to the way he cares for all of his other animals. Lastly we can see these gender roles and stereotypes in the book yet again with Elizabeth. She is stuck at home helping the Frankenstein family in place of Victor’s mother that passed away. She is denied the right to travel to Europe with Victor essentially turning her into a house wife who has to follow the rules of her husband even though she is not married. These are just two of the ways that the Feminist perspective can be seen in the book “Frankenstein” and how it adds to the point that it provides the most compelling view when reading
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