The Ferocious Warrior: Mohawk Indians

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The Ferocious Warrior In battles, there is always an army that is stronger than the other. The strong army will always have a ferocious warrior that is extremely skilled in battle. In fact, one of the most powerful Native American tribes is known as the Mohawk tribe. The Mohawk has been found to live in St. Lawrence River in Canada, along with others in Central New York (Ryan and Schmittroth 6). Mohawk was named by the Algonquin because of their strength in fighting and their skilled warriors (5). The Mohawk tribe has been around for a long period of time in North America and Canada. The Mohawk tribe has a long history with the thirteen colonies that came into the New World. Today, the Mohawk tribe have been impacted many other native tribes and how they still survive today. There are many…show more content…
There are many histories about the Mohawk because of some of the things they did. One of the main history that have been recorded was joining the Iroquois confederacy because it reunited six of the most powerful tribes so they can stop the war and have peace (Ryan F. Marla and Linda Schmittroth 8). The five tribes that united is Mohawk, Seneca, Oneida, Onondaga, and Cavugatrie. Later on the Tuscarora joined the confederacy and made it six tribes that united. All of these happen during English , French, Spain people settle in the New World (Alchin Linda). The Native tribes joined together was to have the whole map of North America, so they can strategize if they were attacked by the White man (Loretta Hall). During the French and Indian War there were many different Indian tribes that joined sides, Mohawk at that time joined the British because, the British told them that they can still have their land if they fought with them. After the war, they signed a Treaty of Canandaigua so they can move to Canada. Some of the Mohawk people moved to Canada and some of them stay in North America (Alchin Linda). This is the map of the six Iroquois Confederacy in figure 1
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