The Feud Short Story

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The began of the Feud An orangutan named Luna and a starfish named Clinton once met when going round a large hill. The orangutan had picked up a magic banana tree seed, and the starfish had a piece of toast. The orangutan seeing this, and wishing to have something that could feed him right then. Clinton, exchanged that piece of toast for this magic seed. The crab, without a doubt, traded his bread and took the magic seed and planted it. At once it grew up very tall, and became a banana tree so high one had to look up at it. The tree was full of bananas but the starfish could not climb the tree. So Clinton asked the orangutan to climb up and get the bananas for him. Luna got up on a branch of the tree and began to eat all the bananas. The unripe bananas he threw at the starfish, but all the ripe and good ones he put in his pocket. Clinton under the tree, got hit by the bananas ,and got badly bruised.…show more content…
Luna not suspecting anything, took the fire stick to stir up the ashy fire. When bang! Went a rock, which was lying hidden. It hit Luna and pushed him into the fire which burned the orangutan 's arm. So he ran to the kitchen and put his arm under the water in the sink to relieve the pain of the burn. Then the bee which was hidden in the sink, stung him in his face but he happened to be allergic. Without even getting the chance to brush off the bumble bee, he rushed for the back door where there was a banana peel and it made him slip. Then he came down the rock but he tripped all the way to the bottom. Luna went stumbling and broke his back. He was so hurt that he was unable to stand up. Then he soon saw his so called friend Clinton. ¨Why would you do this to me?¨ said Luna. Clinton just said and eye for an eye. That 's when their long family feud started between the starfish and the

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