The Fifth Wave

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The Fifth Review Now this is how you write a book ladies and gentlemen. The book The Fifth Wave, written by the brilliant author Rick Yancey, takes the post alien apocalyptic novel to a whole new level. Now, when you think about an alien invasion it’s usually aliens running around the planet aimlessly, and us fighting them to keep our planet and race alive! Not the case here, the aliens are not running around the planet, we are. Instead they are just in this floating mother ship in the sky right in the middle of orbit, and we are sitting ducks. The aliens have not gone easy on us at all; they have begun attacking the planet through the use of what they call waves. The first wave took out about half a million people, the second wave broke the…show more content…
This action packed book is all told from the perspective of our main characters Cassie Sullivan. The only reason why Cassie is alive is out of pure luck, her bravery and determination to stay alive and find her little brother, is what makes her who she is. In the beginning of the book we get a look into Cassie’s life before the “Others” (as Cassie would call the aliens) came to our little blue planet. This is where we learn what Cassie’s drive is, and frankly the purpose of this whole book. Her drive as I mention earlier is her 7-year-old brother, Sammy. After losing their mother in the third wave, and then their father much later during the fourth, Cassie and her brother became closer than ever before. Cassie pretty much saw Sammy as her own. When they became separated during one point of the novel, Cassie promised Sammy that she would find him and that they would be a family again. But she has no idea where to look and doesn’t even know if he is still…show more content…
Ms. Moretz is the perfect person to play Cassie, for two reasons. The first one is I do love her as an actor, and she just fix’s the description of Cassie so well; I can’t picture anyone else who could play her. The second reason is that her personality is almost identical to Cassie. I can’t wait to see her evolved from the scared girls in the beginning of the book to a strong, smart, tough, and independent charterer on the big screen. Moving onto Mr. Robinson and Mr. Roe, I’m really not that familiar with there past work, but that I am focusing on is how I had picture the characters in my head when I first read this book. Mr. Robinson and Mr. Roe I’m sure are great actors how else would they get the parts that’s they did. I am just extremely happy with the director J Blakeson, he picked the people that I had imagined in my head when I was reading this
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