The Fight Against Gun Control

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America has been set on ideals created centuries ago; focusing on freedom and fighting for the rights of many. However these ideals once used to protect the nation are being misinterpreted by far too many people today. Guns have always played a big role in the lives of Americans, and many believe it is a necessity and all should have the right to own one. What they are unaware of are the average 13,000 gun homicides that take place within a year. Guns are slowly but surely becoming the leading cause of death in America. We can all agree that guns are to be used for protection, yet somehow not everyone sees it that way. The corruption and power hunger that comes along with owning a gun has set a fear in the hearts of millions of Americans.Why…show more content…
ProCon facts have found that “57% people believe that gun control laws give too much power to the government and may result in government tyranny and the government taking away all guns from citizens”. They are those who believe that they have to protect themselves because no one else will do it. Many of whom lack the knowledge of the government and how much power they possess. They are unaware of the three branches of government that secures the rights of citizens. No one can ever gain complete control without the people having a say. It may seem at times that laws are being made behind the backs of others, however, those who want to be involved and look for answers will find them. On the other hand, some believe that there is a choice when it comes to owning a gun, and many prefer owing one as opposed to not having one at all. Nonetheless it's these same people who believe that gun violence is an issue and should be taken care of. Seven out of ten people surveyed in various communities believed that gun violence is increasing at such a rate that more massacres are to occur. If even those who owns guns are beginning to fear for their lives, its time a few changes are made. It seems as if these people are crying for help for owning a gun today seems to no longer have the benefits it once…show more content…
The way the second amendment was portrayed back then has been maneuvered, causing an ample amount of problems. A day in America today consists of, seven children who are killed and an additional twelve who are injured with a gun. The twenty seven people killed by guns in America on Christmas Day in 2015, equals to the total number of people killed in gun related homicides in Austria, New Zealand, Norway, Slovenia, Estonia, Bermuda, Hong Kong, and Iceland combined within a year. Such countries have strict gun laws that are changed and shaped with its changing society. These countries are aware that how things were in the past and the laws that worked back then wouldn’t work in a more modernized and free world. Staying one step ahead of its people and shifting towards better things that will benefit their countries. The United States 25 killing is nothing compared to the “36,000 Americans who were victims of firearm-related deaths in 2015 alone”. If these numbers are scary then imagine what they look like today with the increased mass shootings, and easy access to such weapons. If this isn’t waking America up and making them aware that things must change then nothing
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