The Arguments Against Police Brutality

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Police brutality is a strong and still ongoing activity that occurs till this day. It is a worldwide situation that needs to be confronted and handled immediately. There have been thousands of lives lost from unfair police officers; even little children’s lives have been taken away from them. Police officers are supposed to be our heroes and people that make us feel safe, not the enemy and whom majority of the people fear. The definition of brutality is “savage physical violence; great cruelty.” Therefore, when policemen start beating people brutality it means they are using massive physical abuse or force towards others. Studies shows that eighty-four percent of police officers stated that they witnessed officers using more force than necessary. Out of the eighty-four percent, sixty-one percent of officers stated they do not always report the abusive force that has been used. Meanwhile fifty-two percent of officers stated that it is usual for them turn a blind eye towards the conduct used from the officers. Which means that there is officers that are out there beating somebody with no type of punishment.…show more content…
African Americans are twice as likely to be killed by officers while unarmed as Caucasians. Sixty-nine percent of victims were black even though majority of the killing comes from officers guns, forty-two percent of the African Americans that were killed during arrest were not killed by guns. They were killed from kicks to the head or being strangled to death. A black man that is selling CD’s outside a store to provide food for his kids would be harassed and shot just because he is black and looks suspicious. The color of a person’s skin should not lose their life just because they are darker than others. There needs to be a change everybody deserves justice, everybody deserves fair
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