The Fight Against Slavery

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The Fight Against Slavery In the 1830’s the abolitionism movement burst on the national scene. Among the people who participated in this movements were William Lloyd Garrison and Julia Maria Child. William Lloyd Garrison was a prominent voice of the American Anti-Slavery Society, Garrison vigorously fought slavery with words. Child an already well-known writer, first published the book An Appeal in Favor of that Class of Americans called Africans in 1833, the book strove to informed readers of what slavery really was and what should be done about it. Garrison and Child were after the same goal, the abolition of slavery. Each of them strived to inform the public on what slavery really entailed. Child pointed out how detrimental it was for the…show more content…
According to Lydia Maria Child although some slave holders agree that slavery is detrimental to the prosperity of the State they believe it needs to continue because it had already began. This system is so beneficial and convenient to the personal interest of those that favor it that the bigger picture of slavery harming the State is not accepted by these individuals. Although slavery’s been kept under control thanks to the ingenuity and strength of Southern States it is bound to derail if it’s not address and what a better time than now. Emancipation will not exclude the slaves from respecting the law it will only free them from the cruelty they are forced to endure. After made free the slave will need to abide by the same laws that restrain other citizens. This was done before and the results were positive, Lydia Maria Child gives an example of this. She writes, “Nearly every one of the States north of Mason and Dixon’s line once held slaves. These slaves were manumitted without bloodshed, and there was no trouble of making the free slaves obey the laws” (Shi and Mayer 329). Emancipation can be accomplish peacefully and can have a positive impact. She also makes mention of other countries that successfully managed to integrate slaves into members of society. She writes, “In those countries where the slaves codes are mild, were emancipation is rendered easy, and inducements are offered to industry, insurrections are not feared, and free people of color form a valuable portion of the community” (Shi and Mayer 330). To maintain slavery is to violate the laws of nature and reason for the advancement of a
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