Personal Narrative: The Fight Before Christmas

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The Fight Before Christmas One Christmas night, my family went to Grandma’s house for dinner. The house had icicles on the roof, the nearby pond was frozen, and the backyard which ended at a huge forest was filled with snow, giving it a winter wonderland vibe. Inside the house, all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins were busy eating. The food was wonderful to eat, and it ranged from turkey to pizza and more. After eating the best dinner that I had in awhile, my favorite/least favorite relative, Uncle Noodle, came up to me. “Hello, Bestie!” he said. “For the last time, I am not your friend,” I replied. Noodle claims that I’m his best friend ever since I stayed at his house a few years ago. I thought that this was a one time thing, but he still says it whenever I see him in…show more content…
No one ever calls me a chicken, and if someone does then bad things will happen to them. “I AM NOT A CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!” I screamed. Soon after I tried to tackle Noodle, but his weight surpassed my strength. He then tackled me and sent me straight to the ground. The weight of his body crushed me to the point were I was gasping for air and screaming like someone who has been possessed by a demon. “Do you say uncle?” said Noodle. “NEVER!!!!!!!!!!” I shouted back. He then proceeded to crush me with more force than before. At this point I felt that I was going to pass out. I had no choice but to surrender in order to prevent that from happening. “Now do you say uncle?” said Noodle again. “Uncle! I say uncle!” I cried. He then got off of me, giving me the chance to breathe again. I had sweat all over me from the pressure that I was dealing with. Noodle then gave me a helping hand and I thanked him soon after. “You’re welcome,” responded Noodle. “I was surprised that you were able to handle all of that wrestling. Want to wrestle some other time, bestie?”. “You know what? I’ll be glad to do so,” I said happily, “but you’re still not my bestie,

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