The Fight For Equal Rights: Brown V. Blakk

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The fight for equal rights

Civil rights has had a big impact on the world. Unfair judgement, unequal acts, and mistreatment were given to many people who just wanted an education or a right to go to school without segregation. They weren't given fair treatment, while not given a word in their opinion. Today, the equal rights movement has diminished this. Three Supreme Court cases have contributed to the civil rights movement by pushing freedom towards unfair actions: Brown v. the Board of Education, Loving v. Virginia, and Regents of the University of California v. Blakk. The Brown v. the Board of Education case was formed because they were making segregational acts among schools. They wanted to separate the blacks and the whites in public schools, which shows discrimination and
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Blakke were enacted because of a conflation between an applying student and the University of California. A student named Alan Bakke applied to Davis Medical School and was rejected. He was rejected even though his GPA and MCAT scores were higher. Minority's with lower scores than him were granted admission into the school. However, this case had caused the immediate confrontation of the California Supreme Court. They declared the admission to be unlawful and, they enjoined the school from considering the race of an applicant. This showed that Supreme Court contributed in trying to take part of the civil rights movement and the experience would influence other places to prohibit it from happening again. Until now, they would be allowing discrimination when accepting applicants into certain colleges. It also showed that they took charge in not allowing segregation and treating everyone with equal treatment.
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