The Fight Scene Monologue

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Scene One:

As the curtains open, and the lights slowly come to focus, a young boy is shown sitting at a wooden table, drawing. The young boy has plenty of markers and pencil crayons lying all around the table. The young boy then drops his pencil on the table with content, and holds a piece of paper towards the chandelier above him.

Charlie: There! I think I’m done!

The boy pauses, and scans his paper with uncertainty, looking for any mistakes.
The kitchen door opens, and in walks a plump, and enthusiastic looking woman. She was wearing a very colourful blouse encrusted with embroidery from which loose threads invariably dangled. She was Charlie 's mom. She looks at Charlie and eyes the paper clenched to his chest.

Miss Hancock: Oh! Have
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She kept staring at Charlie with a face of excitement, and made an eye jester towards the fridge.

Charlie: Ok.

The young boy then makes his way towards the fridge and temporarily pushes the paper towards the fridge with one hand to grab magnets with the other. After placing four red magnets on each corner, Charlie then turns around and looks at his mom with anticipation.

Miss Hancock: *GASP!*

The gasp gave Charlie some confidence, already knowing his mom liked it.

Miss Hancock: Charlie. This is extraordinary. I would have never have thought this would come out of you. For someone your age, you have quite a complex creativity, a truly promising way of expressing yourself.

Charlie started smile, and little giggles came out of him here and there.

Charlie: Thanks mom. I don 't really know what it means. lt just sort of came out. I feel kind of funny about it.

Miss Hancock: Lots of things just sort of come out when you 're drawing. Charlie, you have a gift. And you must continue doing your artwork all the time. Promise?

Charlie: I
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