The Fight Song Theme

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The book chosen to read was The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King. The story is about a nine year old girl named Trisha McFarland who gets lost in the woods after running away to use the “bathroom” when her brother and mother were fighting. After realising she was lost and with only her backpack full of food, jackets, and a radio she knew she had to find a way out. Trisha goes through a lot of flashbacks and memories while she searches for a way out of the forest. Nothing seems to be going well for trisha as she hallucinates, gets stung several times by wasps, and goes through a lot of traumatic events during her time lost. Eventually she is found and brought back home in which the story ends with her family around her and Trisha falling asleep.
A theme for this story is to not give up and to have courage when faced with a difficult situation. When Trisha realized she was lost and needed to find a way home she did what she thought was most reasonable, find a way to get back to the trail. Even though she was completely lost and terrified she did not give up on finding a way out and did everything she could to survive. A song that fits this theme would be “Fight Song by Rachel Platten. This song would fit with the theme of the story on how the lyrics talk about not giving up when everything is going wrong. The lyrics state “This is my fight song Take back my life song Prove I 'm alright song My power 's turned on Starting right now I 'll be strong” which can
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