Heroic Techniques In The Movie, The Fighter

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The Fighter is a movie based on a true story about Micky Ward. The movie was about a man struggling to make it in the boxing world. Micky has many challenges facing him, but somehow, he overcomes them all and wins a title fight. The movie shows that no matter what adversity a person has in their life if they keep fighting for their dreams and never give up, they might just win. The Fighter used many different types of shots and camera angles and heights through-out the movie. The Fighter used many types of shots through-out the movie. An extreme long shot, a wide view of a location, was used in the scene after Dicky was released from prison and he stormed out of the gym. Everyone thought he was going back to his old ways and was headed to the crack house. They were partially right, the camera followed him from a distance on his journey to the crack house. It…show more content…
Eventually, Charlene joins Dicky on the porch and that is when the shot switches to a close-up. I believe the close-up shot allowed the audience to understand and feel Charlene and Dicky’s emotions as if they were there with them. This scene between Charlene and Dicky used high-angle shots, low-angle shots, and eye-level shots. The high and low-angle shots were used when Charlene and Dicky were at different heights. The shot switched between the two depending on who was talking when Charlene was talking to Dicky the high-angle shot was used to give the audience a better sense of Charlene’s physical position in relation to Dicky and vice versa. The eye-level shots were used when they were both on the porch, which also is when the single character’s point of view was used to film. The camera was position right over the characters shoulders when speaking and position on the other person as if the audience were the ones talking to the

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