The Figure Of Existential Outcast In Literature

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The Figure of Existential Outcast in Literature When a man is rejected or ostracized by his society or social group called as an Outcast11, The outcast is a person with a social stigma who is cast out from his country or society, or in some way excluded or ignored. Also, they “don 't fit in with normal society which contributes to their isolation regarding the affairs of life.”12 One can trace a difference between the typical and modern outcast, which lies in the fact that the former is often depicted as being cast off from a geographical area. This figure is forced to leave his people and therefore he is seen longing for reconciliation. With the emergence of Existentialism, a new concept of the outcast figure appeared, including modern man in his attempts to realize meaning of his life. It follows that the term ‘existential outcast’ best represents modern man, as depicted by existential thinkers. In other words, the figure of existential outcast shares the demand for reconciliation with the wanderer and the seafarer, but he departs from them in that he never submits to both social and religious norms.13 The term “Outcast” can be traced back to the old history, for example the ancient Greece were using it as a punishment, it was customary to write a person 's name on a piece of broken pottery, and later place it in a large container in a public location if one had behaved in a manner that was deemed overly aggressive or offensive. These broken pieces of pottery were
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