The Film K-Pax: The Importance Of Family

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The movie K-PAX strongly states the importance of family and relationships with other people, whether it is through the patients in the Psychiatric Institute or through the people who work there. During the movie we learn that on K-PAX there aren't families and when a child is born it is raised by the community. This is vastly different from Earth. On earth when a child is born it is raised by its parents and usually forms a strong bond with their family. This essay is based on the theory that Prot isn't an alien, that he is, in fact, a man named Robert Porter. I theorize that Robert subconsciously came up with a new identity in order to cope when he found his wife and young daughter dead and then killed their murderer. Thus, Robert became Prot, the alien from K-PAX where there aren't families or relationships. The idea of K-PAX intrigued the patients and staff very much, and this caused many of them to write letters to Prot about why they deserve to go to K-PAX. This may be because many of the patients or staff don't have family that they are still connected to or they struggle forming relationships with others. On K-PAX they could be with people that are like them. Or maybe they are…show more content…
In the beginning of the movie, we see that Mark isn't very connected with his family and that he often puts work before them. We see this when his wife and daughter are practicing playing the piano and he closes the door to his office so that he can concentrate on his work. This shows how he often blocks people out and focuses too much on his work to appreciate his family. It is because of this difference that I believe that not only the patients but some of the staff wrote letters to Prot, the man who claimed to be from K-PAX, in the hope that they would be the one that Prot would bring back to K-PAX with him. In conclusion, the movie K-PAX showed how it is a

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