The Film Taxi Driver

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The film Taxi Driver is about Travis Bickle, an insomniac taxi driver that is discharged honorably from the US Marine. Travis is a lonely and unhappy being operating in the dirty New York City. Travis decides to become a taxi driver to deal with his chronic insomnia. Other than driving people at night, Travis also likes to spend time in theaters that air porn movies and he also keeps a diary of his activities. During his work, he meets a client with the name Betsy and gets infatuated with her. Betsy is a campaign volunteer for Palantine, a presidential candidate. After Travis watches Betsy interact with a colleague named Tom, Travis decides to join the volunteers to talk with Betsy. Resultantly, he asks her for a coffee date that she agrees. Later during the date, Travis takes her to watch a Swedish sex education movie that leaves her offended. This makes her decide to go home alone and rejects all the flowers sent to her by him. Also, she rejects all his call after the incidence. Out of frustration, Travis decides to reprimand her during a campaign but Tom chases him. This leaves Travis angered and with hatred towards Tom. Travis then decides to confide his…show more content…
Travis goes back to his apartment and later to Iris’s where he shoots Sport. He also shoots the brothel’s bouncer’s finger. Unfortunately, he is shot by Sport on the neck, a situation that makes Travis kill Sport. Other clients of Iris also beat Travis, but he manages to kill one of the gangsters with his sleeve gun. Also, he kills the bouncer that harasses him as Iris watches. Afterward, he tries to take away his life but, fortunately, he is out of ammunition and as a result, he cedes himself on a seat till the police arrive. Surprisingly, Travis does not face any charges, and he returns to work after recovering. He also receives a letter from Iris’s dad thanking him for saving his
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