The Filth They Breathe In China Summary

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“The Filth They Breathe in China,” by Michael Auslin reflects on what is happening to the air and water in China. This article describes the air pollution and why it is happening. It tells us what this is doing to our health and what scientist are saying. China 's air pollution has had great deal of problems and that the united states should step in to help generate better lives. China 's air quality is lacking to a point that there is smog everywhere. The reason for this is that china and other countries are growing rapidly which is putting economic growth above environmental growth. Auslin mentions that “ The lack of industrial regulation , the burning of dirty coal, and the rapid growth in private ownerships of cars have combined to create one of the world 's worst air pollution problems”(Auslin). By having the United States come help they could work together to figure out new ways to help fix the air by making cars more green. By doing this China and even America can improve their air qualities in substantial cities. The air pollution in china has affected the people in China. The government of china should pull together with America and other countries to help build up new inventions to help to help…show more content…
The water pollution is polluting great deal of their rivers. The reason for a mass of this is “Industrial runoff, poor sewage treatment , and catch basins”(Auslin). All of this is making the water of china is deadly for people to drink and to swim in. A group did a study in 2011 that said “39 percent of china’s seven river basins were too polluted for general use, including 14 percent that were unfit even for industrial use. In 26 key lakes and reservoirs, only 42 percent of total water was deemed fit for swimming and fishing, while 8 percent was unfit even for industrial use”(Auslin). All of this pollution is making it hard to keep people safe considering the water is unsafe to drink or even swim in. Factories using the water do not know that the water is

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