The Fina Ludlow Series Analysis

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The Fina Ludlow series is a series of novels by American author Ingrid Thoft. The Fina Ludlow series have gained much popularity and critical acclaim over the years with Fina Ludlow the lead protagonist becoming a household name. The highly acclaimed Loyalty first published in 2013 introduced Ludlow to readers and become popular among detective crime fiction fans fast. Ever since publishing Loyalty in 2013, Thoft has published one novel in the Ludlow series every year. The series of novels is set in Boston, Massachusetts Ingrid’s hometown. As an author that has some private investigative training at the University of Washington Thoft’s series draws a lot from the real world of injury attorneys. One of her instructors in college had worked with many personal injury lawyers and provided many insights on lawyers such a Carl Ludlow. The series may be best described as a sexy modern noir novel that prompts its readers to reflect on the themes of loyalty and faith as portrayed by the struggle between Fina and her family. In a recent interview, the author asserts that the series of novels are mean to pose complicated questions for readers. The Ludlow series of novels have situations in which practical responses will typically be radically different from accepted theoretical responses to a given situation. It is the portrayal of the hard choices such as having to choose between justice and loyalty to family that makes the novels so fascinating.

The chief protagonist in the series
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