The Final Girl In Sam Raimi's Evil Dead

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To start with, Caroll defines the “final girl” as someone who witnessed the events of the slasher happen and is the chosen one to carry that burden with them throughout their lives. Halloween’s (1978) Laurie Strode ( who after her apparent demise in Halloween II (1981), came back in Halloween: H2O (1998), and shown to be an alcoholic after all these years because she carries the burden of her brother’s deeds with her) is a really good example of this, as is Nancy from Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). However, when examining the Sam Raimi 's Evil Dead franchise, one cannot but notice that Ash fits this mold as well, and in fact the entire Evil Dead franchise is built around this notion, almost literally. In the original Evil Dead (1982) the story revolves around a group of friends who go to a cabin in the woods, and due to an ancient curse, demons start possessing the teenagers and killing them off one by one. Ash is the only survivor, which leads into Evil Dead II (1986). However, in Army of Darkness (1992), Ash finds himself in ancient times faced with the choice of destroying the necrocomiccon when it was originally created, and therefore can save his friends and therefore what happened at the cabin never happens. His intentions of doing this is because he carries the burden of what happened in the first film with him and knows that he can prevent them. In a twist however, he tries and messes up three times and it…show more content…
He is even the one who in the pilot of Ash vs. Evil Dead, who recaps the entire trilogy of films to catch the audience up,as well as Pablo (Ray Mantiago) and Kelly (Dana Delorenzo), his new second bananas. In the show, he even expresses that he drinks because of the burden that he carries from the events of the

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