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While watching the film, The Finland Phenomena, I learned how their education system works. One thing that I did find admirable was that students are trusted to do work on their own time, at their own pace. Also, they are told to do their own thinking and later express it to the class and the teacher will make corrections as they go. Basically, they learn from their mistakes in which I would like to use in my classroom if it isn’t too time consuming. I believe that students learn best from their mistakes if they see it in many forms. In the beginning of the film, a math teacher lets many students solve one problem on the board and the students learn more than one technique and see mistakes along the way. This way students are engaged and the teacher is there to observe and tell them what’s wrong rather than the teacher lecturing the whole time. In addition to students learning from their mistakes, there were three other things that got my attention during the film. I was shocked to see that they have small class sizes. I believe that I saw no more than 15 in the classroom. Finland believes that teachers should be able to be…show more content…
What I learned from her that can make me a better teacher candidate is that I should understand how a student learns. It makes take a while to understand that in the beginning, but if I can get myself in a classroom faster and observe different teaching techniques then I will be an expert by the time I graduate. Not all students learn the same, so as a teacher we must know how they learn and how we can incorporate it in our lesson. Not only understand how they learn, but their gaps as well. We should think about; what can we do help them understand before moving on and how to assess the students. Overall, I will keep these in mind before and after I become a

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