The Fire Dragon In The Epic Of Beowulf

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Decades ago, in an epic “Beowulf”, Beowulf has slain the fire dragon, the creature that terrorized all the people who lived nearby where the dragon lives. The winter in Sweden was not as bleak as it was in mid 17th century. The blizzard was as disastrous as could be. The dragon’s body was covered in pure white snow on the pinnacle of the highest mountain. Not even the slightest bit of ice were melted through the rough skin of the fire dragon. Decades have passed, and out of a sudden, a bolt of arcane lightning striked the pinnacle, causing an avalanche. After the avalanche, something strange happened. The falling particles of snow encompassed the dragon’s body, gently covering it completely. Then the humongous beast roars out an array of icicles.…show more content…
The residences of the villagers have been shattered by the dragon’s brisk breath, while the residents shivered in fear. Its cold-blooded behavior showed no mercy for those who were innocent. The forests, the prairies, the lakes, the mountains, and the whole 7 continents of Earth has been covered in snow, like a warm blanket. This still wasn’t enough for him. The entire ocean, that almost makes up behalf of the earth, was impossible for the dragon to freeze. As he was trying to try to freeze the ocean, the sun stood in its way. The hottest, scorching star that shone from the thermosphere of the universe, started melting Chillmaw’s masterpiece little by little. Driven by the blazing rays of the sun, Chillmaw flew to the center of the star, pulling back to release the most powerful hydroblast he’s ever blown. By gathering all the energies of Mother Nature, the ice dragon combines the energy to form a huge, icy sphere that shined brighter than polished silver. When the charge was complete, Chillmaw blows out a humongous frost breath, intensely braking parts of the sun, causing it to explode into a million little pieces. After the explosion, the whole world falls into eternal darkness. Chillmaw bursts out an evil laugh that would be remembered vibrantly in the
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