The Fires Of Jubilee Summary

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The Fires of Jubilee written by Stephen B. Oates is a book written about a young slave life from prepubescents to adulthood, or better yet a young smart boy to an older anarchy inducing man. The setting of the book takes place in Southampton County Virginia around the 1800’s. The main protagonist being a young slave called Nat Turner. The author very briefly gives details about Nat’s life as a newborn, mainly giving a brief summary of who his mother is. His mother was purchased to be a slave by a man named Benjamin Turner, a wealthy tide water planter. While working as a slave Nancy met another slave whose name is not known, but what we are told is that the unknown named man is Nat’s father. As the author continues to tell Nat’s childhood we come to find out that Nat was no ordinary boy. Nat…show more content…
In my opinion this was nothing compared to the next thing which is the death of Nat’s Master. After all of the talk about Nat’s freedom due to the fact that he was almost useless as a physical working slave, the old man died taking Nat’s freedom with him. The repercussions of Master Benjamins death proceeded to be the exchange of Nat now being property of Master Benjamins eldest son, Samuel Turner. Samuel much like his father was a very religious man. Samuel worked his slaves hard and used faith in the Lord to scare slaves into being obedient like most other Southerner’s. The idea behind keeping the slave’s faith in the Lord was that the Lord allows slavery because white people are better than the blacks. Basically, any slave who disobeyed their owner was disobeying the Lord, resulting in an eternity in hell, “To be good children of the Lord, the slaves must beware of Satan who created their cunning wicked master of Hell – for it was Satan who created their desires for freedom and tempted them to run away” (Oates
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