The First Amendment Rights Revealed In Philip Malloy's The National Anthem

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The National Anthem was written in 1814 and was adopted by America in 1931. Years after adopting the National Anthem people are ready to fight and die for it. Recently at Harrison High School a ninth grader by the name of Philip Malloy states he had his first amendment rights taken away. Philip was supposedly singing the National Anthem at a time of respectful silence. What people did not know was that Philip was lying about being stopped for singing. Philip did not have his rights taken away because he had ample opportunities to apologize to Ms. Narwin, his actions caused her to get fired and receive threats from people in America, Philip used his college money to switch schools after she was fired then he proceeds to say, “I do not know the words.”…show more content…
Narwin, like the assistant principal suggested and get on with his life. However, he stood strong saying he was expressing his patriotism. People might say he was definite because Ms. Narwin was purposely giving him bad grades. Ms. Narwin said multiple times throughout the novel that Philip is bright and has potential and she even begs the assistant principal to not suspend him. In the book, it shows that Philip daydreams and makes ‘funny’ comments during class. His actions clearly show that he does not care about Ms. Narwins class. This also proves that Philip is giving himself bad grades by not paying attention. Additionally, by causing this completely unnecessary event, he caused Ms. Narwin to get fired. Oblivious people might even say that Ms. Narwin deserved to get fired for taking away Philips rights. What they do not know is because of this lie he caused Ms. Nawrin to receive threats from people across America. Receiving threats is something no human should have to experience. In receiving these Philip does nothing to help her. While she receives these threats Phillip watches by as this innocent person is torn into for something she did not
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