The First Born Son Analysis

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In our life, we often have experiences that teach us how and what we want to be like when we grow up. Everyone has ups and downs from time to time that make one want to stop and other times make one want to run while individually they feel free. The Garden Story by Katherine Mansfield and The First Born Son by Ernest Buckler both show how parental pressure, social pressure, and family pressure around an individual can influence the way one will treat others. Once in a while it is an advantage when they want to change the world to make it better for others, but oftentimes it is for the worse because they personally accept the problems they have and never trying to fix them. Both stories have parental influences that want them to stay as they are, tradition influences that professions stay in the family, and they are always compared to the better child that is more like by parents.…show more content…
“Men live here as long as their sons live, to see the clearings their axes have made and the living grass that sprang from their tracks in the first furrow and the green things their hands gave life to.”(197 Buckler) Since Martin assumes that David loves this backbreaking work that gives a sense of accomplishment when they finish working a field he never thinks to ask David what he wants for his life. Although David despises working in the field with the oxen he survives with dreams of leaving for the city so he can be a part of civilization and not live excluded from the world outside his father’s farm. In The Garden Party, Laura is a lively free spirited individual. Being sheltered since birth from evil and poverty she is loving and caring for all those around her no matter where they live or what they look like because she sees the good in all people around
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