The First Day Analysis

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In The First Day by Edward P.Jones and Harper Collins story, the first day the authors are going into detail about little life change. Jones describes the lifestyle of how it is growing up and not being able to interact or get out much to see other people then when one gets the chance to come out of their box, it is somewhat of a cultural shock. The life of growing up that Jones presents somewhat makes it feel like growing up with an uneducated mother could make things somewhat complicated. Jones also mentions one school more than the other. This makes it seem as though one school is better than the other one, possibly because of the location or because of the race at the school. Although the author mentions the less diverse school, the author…show more content…
People must overcome obstacles when things that they expect or want to happen do not happen. In the First Day by P.Jones, there are many things that are displayed to show a routine or even a sense of excitement. For example, early that morning the mother takes more than the average time that is usually taken to get the daughters’ hair ready for school. She also with her outfit picked out the day before. While in the room, it takes the mother somewhat close to a hour to get the daughters’ hair properly done, with the parting of the hair and placing the bows into her hair. Mother believes that while in kindergarten you do not need all of the extra things such as carrying a pencil, a pencil sharpener, and a small ten-cent tablet with a black and white speckled cover (Jones). The daughter’s first school is planned for her to attend by her mother because it is in the comfort zone that she prefers simply because it is close to her mother’s church, which is her rock. When they finally arrive at the first school after their long journey, things are going well. The daughter is dressed and has her hair well done and also arrived at the first, which is in the comfort zone of the mother. All things are going well until mother has to do the check-in with one of the teachers at the school, where she has to give her address and finds out that she has her daughter at the wrong school, meaning the wrong school district for where she lives at. The mother begins to argue about why her daughter should attend this first school and why her daughter cannot go anywhere
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