The First Day Of High School

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Today was the day. Lauren had been dreading for this day to come for the entire summer. Today would be her first day of high school. She had no idea what high school was going to be like for her. She was a freshman, she recently moved to town, and she knew nothing about her new school. It’s 7:45 and she still hasn’t got out of her bed, and school starts at 8:40, she said to herself, “Hurry up Lauren, you can’t be late for the first day of school!” She sloppily got ready and finally went downstairs after what seemed like an hour. The household always seemed to be chaotic in the morning before school, her brothers would yell at each other, things would be thrown across the table. Waiting in the car, she finally realized that today school started, thoughts came rushing into her mind of all the things that could go wrong. Slamming the door, her brothers finally entered the car and they were finally on the way to their new school. The first things she saw when she walked onto campus was the full-length swimming pool, the shiny polished lockers, and the vast amount of students. She walked into her homeroom quietly without drawing attention and sat down. There was no one else in the room, she rummaged through her backpack trying to look for her schedule. When she finally found it she looked at it and realized that she was in the wrong room.“This is so embarrassing” she muttered to herself. Luckily no one else noticed her mistake, so she quickly tried to find her class but couldn’t

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