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This paper will discuss how Carthage became almost the equal of Rome. It will also discuss the strength of both the Carthage and the Rome and their conflicts, and how these conflicts led Rome to be recognized as mistress of western Mediterranean and become a naval power.

The ancient city Carthage, located in the modern-day Tunis in Tunisia. It was originally founded by the sea fearing people Phoenicians. The ancient history tells us that the Rome and Carthage had become rivals as they fought for the control of the Western Mediterranean. The First Punic War which was held in Sicily, took place between 264 – 241 BC. The Rome was able to win this war which made them to conquer Sicily. The Carthage was defeated at this time
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It has been said that he was the military genius, the greatest soldier world has even seen. Soon after the message from Rome, the Carthage’s great general, Hannibal didn’t wait for any moment and leads an army, including war elephants, over the Alps, Brenner Pass, into Italy. Hannibal’s entry into southern Italy led to a lot of destruction during the war for about ten years and Carthage defeated Rome repeatedly. More worthy of note is the defeat in the battle of Cannae in 216 BC. However, despite these defeat and victories, Hannibal could not successfully conclude the…show more content…
The Roman Republic defeated Carthage when the great Carthaginian general Hannibal was counterattacked. Carthage surrendered to Rome after they were completely destroyed this made the Rome become a naval power as it threatened the whole world. The Romans ere then known as the mistress of western mistress of western Mediterranean.

As the Carthage and Romans both were the super powers they had been into the war thrice. These wars were the most brutal wars in the history. As Carthage lost the first war and still maintained their power they met into the second war with Romans. However, the second war made the Romans lost a lot of his army. The Roman decided on a great plan and made the Carthage surrender again in the second Punic War. However, the third Punic war was just an operation against Carthage to remind them that how Romans destroyed them in the history.

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