The Knight And The Fisher King Analysis

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Both Parry and Jack play the knight and the Fisher King interchangeably throughout the movie. Parry tells Jack the story of the Holy Grail and the Fisher King. Jack has never heard of this and becomes interested when Parry tells him about it. He says that “the keeper of the Holy Grail may heal the hearts of men” (Gilliam). Both men want the Holy Grail during different parts of the movie. Parry desires the Holy Grail because his heart is completely broken after witnessing his wife being shot in the head at dinner. Jack looks for the Holy Grail because he is full of himself and keeps pushing the ones he loves the most away from him. In the story the Holy Grail, the knight Galahad, says “If I lose myself, I save myself” (Tennyson 206). This quote describes Jack because he had to lose himself as in return to the bad person he use to be. This then helped him realized he was being an awful person and change his ways, which saved himself. In the end, Jack claims the Holy Grail out of love and not because of his selfish ways. He heals Parry, but also frees himself from his guilt. At the beginning of the movie, Jack renders the Fisher King, a wealthy, high power man who runs a successful radio show. The knight, illustrated by Parry, the man whose wife was killed because of Jack’s radio show. When the two meet each other, Jack feels superior to Parry like…show more content…
The Holy Grail appeals to both men for different reasons. Jack wants the Holy Grail to help him change his outlook on life and be a better person. Parry wants the Holy Grail to help mend his broken heart and to move on in life. The movie tied the story of the Holy Grail by Tennyson into its plot, making it very interesting for viewers to watch and think what they wanted based on their own
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