The Fitbit Case Analysis

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The Fitbit caters to anyone from ages 10 to 50 all over the world with their reasonable price range of $60 to $250; however, the biggest market for the Fitbit seems to be in the United States. The Fitbit has even created a line with Tory Burch that makes the device and band more fashion conscious for those of its users who are concerned with appearance. According to some research I’ve found that the Fitbit caters mainly to women ages 25-34 making anywhere between less than $50,000 to $100,000. While both men and women have been proven to equally use the band/device, women have been found to be more likely to actually use the app that goes along with the device. This device more than likely appeals to women in this age range a little more than it does to men because women at this age are starting to lose their looks; whereas men generally tend to care a little less about their looks, and they are like a fine wine and get better as they age. The…show more content…
I did some research on this and I haven’t really found much that suggests that anyone is seriously considering the use of the Fitbit with the elderly (more than likely because the technology isn’t as advanced as it could be and the elderly don’t tend to wear bulky watches), but I think once the technology improves it could be a great tool for doctors, nurses, and hospice. The watch could be used to monitor heart rate and health stats remotely in nursing homes, hospitals, or other assisted living situations. Currently, it can still be used to do that for families’ to monitor their seniors’ activity but with the state of the current technology that is as far as its use can go other than just to monitor general activity. The GPS on the Surge could also be modified and used to track location of the elderly for when they get lost in the stores, escape from the nursing home, or drive off on their own without telling you where they went

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