The Fits: Movie Analysis

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The Fits is an hour and twelve minute movie, and it is anything but rushed. The Fits is not a vague film, but rather a film greatly open to interpretation. The central idea around this film are the mysterious seizures that are only apparent in the girls of this movie. Evidently, as soon as Toni joins the girls in their dance group, these seizures arise. We never quite find out the definite cause of these seizures, which heavily contributes to the movie’s open to interpretation aspect. What particularly captivated me was the cinematography and the acting, both of which are tightly linked. The protagonist, Toni, is a character who right of the bat we get the idea that she does not particularly fit in with the boys in the movie nor the girls. There is…show more content…
One of the more beginning scenes shot in the club laundry room, we see Toni put on two sports bras and then her shirt. From this it is implied that Toni is uncomfortable with her breasts, as most girls who wear two sports bras want to make their chests appear flat. A lot of girls who are around the same age as Toni are either infatuated with the idea of “growing up” or they’re a bit stubborn and worry that things are developing too quickly. Based off of how Toni situates herself, it suggests she’s uncomfortable with anything in respects to sexual nature and growing up. We see the way Toni and her brother interact, showing us them working out together and Toni helping her brother clean up the gym. From the minimal dialogue we have to work with, it is very meaningful. Toni’s brother tells her that “the only way you can lose a fight is if you don’t get in the ring,” encouraging her to try out for the dance team. When Toni does decide to try out for the dance team, we see all the girls changing by their gym lockers in front of one
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