The Five Characteristics Of Academic Writing

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There are numerous genres of writing like business writing, professional writing, and so on. However, the most common in college is academic writing. It is any writing done to satisfy an essential of the university proposed. While writing an academic essay, the writer needs to pay attention to the reader, and the main subject here is college’s teacher or tutoring teacher. That method is different from the others because of its own characteristics and skills.
Writing is a skill that required in many contexts of life. However, academic writing has many features that personal writing does not. Just imagine when someone starting a conversation about movie topic, they ask some questions like: “Do you think that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will
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According to HubPages Network, “Academic writing has certain characteristics and needs to comply with a strict set of requirements. It offers factual information on a given subject and it doesn’t intend to entertain, but for most part, to inform” (“8 Characteristics”). In Academic Writing Skill 1 Student’s Book, there are 5 characteristics is different from others. First, people write an academic essay to demonstrate knowledge of a topic. It is about a certain or a specific problem. It is more about personal problems, but the world’s problems, such as nuclear energy, overpopulation, and so on. The subject has to be analyzed and evaluate precisely to make people believe in what they read and accept the fact that the opinion about the issue is true. The second differentiating characteristic is the reader. People read and evaluate correspondingly the writing should be generalized for all ages that they can comprehend. Next, the evidence to support the main points is a significant feature. The ideas should be, at least, proved by trustful resources, which are according to periodicals, books, databases, and so on. When using information from outside sources, the writer should paraphrase, summarize or quote them. In addition, the style that the writing should be well-organized with logical order is also a characteristic of an academic essay. Presenting the ideas in a clear way helps the audience find it interesting to…show more content…
People always want to improve their skills in writing academic essays in order to have a more formal essay. What are the skills that required? First of all, write a clear introduction is extremely important, it helps the reader know about the topic of the essay and the hook in the introduction has the role to make the readers want to read the essay. Writing a conclusion is as important as the introduction, a great conclusion summarizes all the ideas of the paragraph in a short way and helps readers have an overall look about the whole essay. Secondly, strong writing is essential when doing an academic essay. When that essay has a strong arrangement, it would be easier for readers to understand the contents. For this reason, writers should make an outline before writing the whole essay to make a stronger arrangement for the essay. A reflective essay is more highly appreciated than a normal essay which is not organized well. Third, good grammar is also necessary when writing an essay, especially an academic writing essay because it requires a formal tone of writing. Without good grammar, writers can’t make a formal tone and might make the readers feel annoyed because of the mistakes in grammar. Writers should check the essay again after finished writing to make sure there is no grammar mistake and edit the essay if there are mistakes. Moreover, writers need to

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