The Five Characteristics Of Grit By Margaret M Perlis

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in the article 5 characteristics of grit, The author Margaret M Perlis talks about the five characteristics of grit. in the article the intended audience could be people interested on building their grit . The author 's primary purpose was to inform us how to build great.they have research for several months to try to find out what makes people different based on their success .they found out there’s five characteristics of great.the first characteristic of grit yes courage.the main reason why courage is a huge characteristic in grit is because it’s the ability to manage fear and failure.many people have liked on coverage based on their parents thought reason being because parents tend to remove the kids from any type of competition so they’re not used to failing .Another correct the rest thick of grit is the achievement oriented individually Santana 2 Achievement oriented individual is someone who always tries to do a good job, and works tirelessly. The reason why it builds grit is because people tend to just not show up to practice but make something out of it that another one is Setting long-term goals and to follow through them.the reason being is because people need to work for a goal.all the practice and time need to have a purpose.which will motivate people to keep on fighting until they accomplish their goal.another character
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