The Five Constant Relationships In The Confucian Approach

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The Confucian Project is the implementation of Confucianism and the Confucian social structure into the societies of east Asia where Confucianism existed, particularly in China. Just as the yogas outlined the way for Hindus to reach nirvana and the eight-fold path was the way to nirvana for Buddhists, the Confucian Project was the way to followers of Confucianism to become a chun-tzu and to create the ideal Confucian society. The Confucian Project is unique in comparison the yogas or eight-fold path because it took place in the center of society and human interaction and relationships rather than in isolation and solitude. The Five Constant Relationships are particularly important in the Confucian Project as is the development of the hsin,…show more content…
If misused, however, they can lead to its downfall. In three of the five relationships, one member is raised above the other. They demand a veneration and respect from the other person in the relationship. This makes sense. A son should look up to his father and a daughter should look up to her mother as a role model. The importance here is to realize that this respect does not come simply by occupying a certain positions in the relationship. This respect and authority must be earned. A father must care for his son and a mother must nurture and teach her daughter. Both members of the relationship have obligations to each other and both must uphold those in order for the relationship to function properly. It is only when these relationships are exacted in this manner that they can help elevate a person to become a…show more content…
It also involves expanding the hsin, or heart-mind, indefinitely. The hsin is representative of both a person’s sympathy and empathy. The hsin expands in concentric circles as a person ascends. It first moves from the self to one’s family when a person transcends selfishness. It then expands to a person’s community and nepotism is transcended. The hsin then moves to the nation and parochialism is overcome. The finally expansion is from nation to all of humanity. Then chauvinistic nationalism is transcended. At this point a person becomes a

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