The Five Consumer Behavior

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A consumer is any person who purchase any goods or services without being forced by anyone. The consumer need not have made full payment. Thus, Consumer society can be generally defined or referred as a society which perceive purchasing of good and services as an important part of society. It is so that the origin of consumer society can be traced back from hundred years ago, in eighteenth century England(REFERNCE). However, the consumer society is not the same as it was centuries ago. Thus, there are very important period which the was a change in consumption which are namely: (1) changing consumption pattern in Elizabethan (16th and 17th century), (2) changing ideas about status and consumer goods in the 18th century, (3) shopping in…show more content…
Consumer can generally be defined as an individual who purchase good and services for his or her personal us. However, in sociology consumer can be defined as an individual’s wo inhabits a world saturated with advertising(REFERNCE). According to (REFERNCE) Bauman introduced what he called the five consumer attitude. The five consumer attitude helps to make an understanding on how consumer think. This consumer attitude are namely: firstly, they perceive as source series of problems that can be solved. Secondly, it is an individual duty to solve those problems. Thirdly, all problems have solutions that can be solved often using a specialist. Fourthly, objects and receipt are solved t us, thus problems are manufactured. Lastly, translating the task of learning is of living as effort to acquire objects and recipes is associated. Furthermore, in today society consumption of goods is still perceive as important REFERNCE).…show more content…
For instance, consumer can purchase a product because of what has the sale person has told him or her. Secondly, social pressure which refers to purchasing of goods in order to fit a group or society of choice. For instance, consumer can buy certain goods just to be like his or her friends. Thirdly, lifestyle which refers to purchasing of goods because of the lifestyle individual prefers. For instance, if consumer prefers healthy lifestyle then when buying food, he or she will buy healthy food. Fourthly, self-image, is purchasing of products because of wanting their society to portray you in a specific or certain way. For instance, buying sports clothes so that people can see you as a sport person. Fifthly, cultural factor is whereby consumer purchase goods or services that are trending. For example, buying jeans that are trending. Lastly, personal choice is whereby consumer buy goods because of being aware of better option or preferring that that product. For instance, buying something over one another because of your experience which leads to your preference of that

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