The Five Contributions Of Government In Ancient Rome

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Ancient Rome is known to be a powerful and well put together civilization that was somewhat meeting the common good. The reason that Ancient Rome was a successful city was because they had a republic. A republic is a democracy where the people of Rome get to choose their leaders. The city had a huge population with a strong government. They had the five meanings of government which were provide public services, protect rights, promote rule of law, prepare for a common defense, and support the economic system. Rome did good in most of these categories, but they failed in other ones too. Provide Public Services The government did an excellent job on providing services for all the people of Rome. If they were graded for this particular aspect I would give them an A. Most people could say that Ancient Rome had a massive population, so because of this they needed a large supply of water. Aqueducts of Ancient Rome says, “The Romans were not the first to use the aqueduct system, but they developed a larger and more advanced system than any other culture of their time and for many years to follow.” To make this easier the Romans considered redirecting mountain streams into the aqueducts. These were made of pipes that ran underground or through a cement-lined through. To be sure that the water could continue to flow towards the city, engineers had to have a gradual slope on the aqueducts. Since the Romans had water, they also needed a sewer system that could empty the waste from
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