The Five Covenants

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The Five Covenants The fall of humanity in the Garden of Eden that began with Adam and Eve and continued all through biblical history. Jehovah set a plan in action to restore humanity. The plan involved agreements made with his people and are laid out in the 39 books of the Old Testament and carried into the New Testament. These agreements show us Jehovah’s love for his people. This paper will discuss the five agreements made by Jehovah what they detailed, who they were for, and how they relate to each other and are still important today they are known as covenants. Jehovah’s people had become evil and full of sin despite his love and blessings. Jehovah spoke with Noah and instructed him to build an ark. He gave specific instructions on…show more content…
Jehovah gave him laws for his people to live by. Israelites agreed to his commands and to follow them and Moses took blood from oxen and sealed the agreement on the altar and the people. Our father knew his people would not keep the agreement. Within 40 days they had broken the agreement and made an idol. Jehovah was angry and broke the laws and therefore the agreement was broken also. Moses pleaded with Jehovah to remember his previous promise to Abraham and God saw he had to fulfill that promise no matter what. The agreement at Mount Saini was one of obedience and grace not salvation and was made for the Israelites…show more content…
All five relate to each other because Our Father was working on his plan to restore humanity. From the first agreement with Noah until the final agreement that began with David and lead to Jesus, Our Father set in motion the redemption plan we have today. The main theme of each agreement was that his children obey him and follow his commands in faith. Each of the previous agreements lead up to the New agreement which is fulfilled by his son the Messiah. This paper detailed the five agreements Jehovah made with his people, who they were for, and how they related to each other and still today are important. The five agreements made between Jehovah and his people were for restoration of humanity after the fall in the garden of Eden. The agreements show Jehovah’s everlasting love for his people, and how much he wants us to be with him. These agreements are found in the first 39 books of the Bible and are still in effect today. They are called the

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