The Five Fitness Components

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Playing soccer helps improve the five fitness components. The five fitness components are cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. The more you engage in the sport of soccer over an extended period of time, the more the fitness components will improve. Soccer involves a lot of running during a game, seeming how the field is 100-120 yards in length and 55-75 yards in width. Throughout a soccer game, the player is under an intense amount of cardio workout. The more a person runs, the faster they need oxygen to be circulated throughout their body. The first fitness component of cardiovascular fitness is just that. The more a player runs during a soccer game, their body gets used to needing…show more content…
Flexibility is the ability to roll a body part completely through a joint. While playing soccer, you must condition yourself to play a long game and to move quickly during it. While conditioning yourself to play the game, stretching your muscles help you move better and more fluidly during a game. By constantly doing this, overall your flexibility will increase. Also, running in strides during the game can also help with flexibility of a player’s legs. Although many might not think soccer can help with the fitness component of flexibility, it certainly does. Furthermore, soccer also aids in improving the fitness component of body composition. Body composition is the amount of fat in comparison to lean body mass. Since soccer requires such a vigorous amount of running, it helps in making the ratio of fat to lean body mass better and have a healthier relationship between the two. By constantly moving in the sport of soccer, it is a great workout to lessen body fat. Soccer helps improve the health fitness component of body composition to make you a healthier person overall. Soccer is a great sport to not only play for fun, but to help improve the five health related fitness components. It improves cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body compositions. Soccer helps improve your health overall. Soccer makes you use ever part of your body in a great, healthy

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