The Five Forms Of Literature

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Literature has become an attractive media to illustrate wide ranges of representation of life; whether it is in written or oral form. According to Drucker (2014), there are five major forms of literature that encompasses everything we read, see, and hear in the real life: poetry, prose, drama, non-fiction, and media. Among these five, prose is the most common type of writing and the most produced literary works. Prose itself can be defined as any type of written text which has no certain rule to be followed. It is written in sentences and creates an organized paragraph. Different from poetry that is more focusing on rhyme and sound, the focus of prose is more into plot and characters (Drucker, 2014). One of the most typical kinds of prose is novel. The word novel derived from an Italian vocabulary “Novella” which is in Latin means Novus or a new story or a new thing (Patmarinata & Ernawati, 2016). Kennedy and Person (2014) say that at the beginning of its development, novel was written based on other forms of narrative nonfiction, such as history and letters. However, as the time goes by, many authors can freely write their own novels based on their imagination without rooted in nonfiction sources. The popularity of novel as literary works is widely known by many people and makes it the most common literary work that introduced people to literature.
Novel itself is a prose narrative in a certain length and complexity that tells an imaginative story that connects sequence
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