The Five Main Causes Of World War One

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World War One (1914-1918) was a turning point in history. Many scholars study about WW1 and

what caused this huge conflict. Germany used to be responsible for this was, but after many

controversial debates later, the blame was gradually put on the different great powers of Europe as

well. In this piece of writing, the main causes of WWI will be analyzed, especially targeting the long-

term causes. World War One was a time of struggle in Europe. Many factors lead to great tensions in

Europe, enlarging the need for a war. World War I was immediately precipitated by the assassination

of Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary by a Serbian nationalist in 1914. There were many

factors that had led toward war. Most of these causes and events are classified into five main

themes: imperialism, militarism, the Balkans, nationalism and alliance system.

Nationalism was a major cause of WW1 because it was ignored by many groups which felt that

people of the same ethnic origin, language and political ideals had the rights to independent states.

This resulted to conflict and left Germany and Italy divided because various groups felt strong about

national autonomy that caused them to be subjected to local dynasts or to other nations (Alpha,

2009). Parts of Italy were left under foreign control which brought nationalism to be. After the

unification of Italy was accomplished in 1861 and that of Germany as well in 1871, there was still a


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