The Five Major Philosophies In Business And Management

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Research philosophy alludes to the conviction with respect to the way in which information concerning the phenomenon ought to be gathered, analyzed and utilized. In other terms, it is the fundamental belief system that guides the research. There are five major philosophies in business and management: Positivism, critical realism, interpretivism, postmodernism, and pragmatism (Saunders & Townsend, 2016, p836). Positivism is a philosophical framework recognizing only that which can be scientifically verified. Critical realism refers to a philosophical approach that incorporates a general philosophy of science with that of social science to illustrate an interface amongst social and natural world. Interpretivism depends upon both the prepared analyst and the human subject as the instruments to gauge a few phenomenon. Research philosophy will be helpful…show more content…
At each phase in my research I will make various kinds of assumptions. These incorporate assumptions about human knowledge (epistemological assumptions), about the reality I experience in my study (ontological assumptions) and the degree and ways my own esteems impact my research procedure (axiological assumptions). These assumptions unavoidably shape how I comprehend my study question, the techniques I utilize and how I translate my results. I believe that a well-thoroughly considered and reliable consistence of assumptions will constitute a valid research
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