The Five Merits And Demerits Of Online Advertising Practice

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2.1.5 Merits and Demerits of Online Advertising Practice Advertising as it is known today, is an arm of marketing that deals with communicating persuasive information to customers about products, brands, services, ideas and companies. The Internet, as a global communications medium, provides advertisers with unique and often cost-effective ways of reaching advertising audiences. As with all media, however, advertising on the Internet has unique. Below are some of the merits and demerits associated with online advertising as put by David, (2010).
Merits of Online Advertising Practice
• It allows the advertisers to reach significantly more people than traditional advertising media at a fraction of the cost because today almost have if the world population are already online i.e 40% according to internet population statistics (2016)
• Internet advertising is ideal for businesses with a national or international target market and large-scale distribution capabilities.
• Internet advertising can also be more targeted than some traditional media, ensuring that your messages are seen by the most relevant audiences.
• Cost effective
• The result can easily be measure through activities like checking the statistics of those visit It, click the ad, like, share, download, follow etc
• It is more direct and personal than traditional advertisement.
Demerits of Online Advertising Practice
• One disadvantage of advertising on the Internet is that your marketing materials are
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