The Five People You Meet In Heaven Essay

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Rocket Boys depicts the true story of Homer “Sonny” Hickam Jr. and the Rocket Boys of Coalwood, West Virginia. Growing up in an environment where boys were expected to do the same as their fathers – spend their lives in the coal mines, Homer found inspiration in the launch of Sputnik and became passionate about rocket science. Along with his companions - “misfits”, he managed to make his dream – to become an engineer and work for NASA - come true. The Five People You Meet in Heaven is a deeply emotional story about life and death of a man named Eddie. In an attempt to save a little girl in the amusement park he worked in as a maintenance man, Eddie gets killed, goes to heaven and meets five people who were of an utmost importance to him while he was alive. Homer was a gifted student, dedicated to his life dream…show more content…
Just before he dies he receives the final confirmation of that purpose, he dies but with a far greater cause – to save a life. Too late, however, does he realize the impact his existence made on people surrounding him. Homer’s tale is a tale of inspiration and for the generation whose parents came out of Depression and perceived life as a constant struggle. His “journey” with the Rocket Boys left an inerasable sign on each person in his community, his family (although it took him so long to understand how his father loved him for being what he was, without a touch or a word). His tale is a tale of resolution, of standing tall for your dreams, but also a story or reconciliation, which turned to be one of the most difficult things in his life. Homer accepted the challenges and lived the life he wanted, Eddie accepted his life and lived the life he had to, but, still, was given the opportunity of making sense out of it in his

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