The Five People You Meet In Heaven Analysis

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The Five People You Meet in Heaven is a novel by Mitch Albom. The novel is about a maintenance man named Eddie and his journey in life and death. Mitchell David “Mitch” Albom was born to a middle class suburban family. He attended Brandeis University wherein he earned a bachelor’s degree, majoring in sociology. His love for music shone through and after he graduated, he worked as a performer for several years in Europe and America. He supported himself as a part-time piano player in New York and he wrote and produced several songs. While living in New York, he became interested in journalism and worked for a local weekly paper, The Queen’s Tribune. He attended Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, followed by an MBA from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business. He worked his way up in sports journalism and won awards from the Associated Press in 1985. He became a nationally-acclaimed sports journalist at the Detroit Free Press and one of the best-known media figures in that city’s history, working in newspapers, radio and television. Now, he hosts a daily talk show on WJR radio and appears on ESPN Sports Reporters and Sports Center. Mitch’s books are known for their inspirational themes, and have been featured on many news and talk shows. One of his books, The Five People You Meet in Heaven is about a war veteran named Eddie, who feels caged in his work in an amusement park with his dull work routine. He died trying to save a little girl from a
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