The Five Professional Values Of Altruism In Nursing

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Every nursing, in order to consider the profession must have an understanding of at least three of the five professional values, in my opinion. These values consist of altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity and social justice (Taylor 96). Beginning with the professional value of Altruism, the believe in or practice and self concern for the well-being of others (96). I believe that in order to be the best nurse you can be for your patients, you must understand the concept of altruism. As a nurse, your profession is to take care of people, if you do not know the professional value of altruism than you cannot possibly understand how important it is to care about the wellbeing of your patient. Not only do you need to focus on the wellbeing of your patient, but the patient …show more content…

If you look out for the wellbeing of you patient and express what is best for your patient then you are actively practicing the value of altruism in the field of nursing. Next, the professional value of autonomy. Autonomy is the personal value of one over themselves, free form control of others (96). An autonomous person is one who acts intentionally, with understanding and without the influences of others opinions on them. As a nurse it is important to know when to give your input and when to hold off. At the end of the day, what the patient wants is what they will receive from every nurse on the floor. A nurse must be a patients advocate, meaning as a nurse you will support your patient and defend them and what they believe in. Bringing me to the third professional value, human dignity, the value or worth of a person (96). This value, in my opinion is the

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