The Five Stages Of Ancient Chinese Marriage Culture

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China has a history of 5000 years, of its brilliant culture, marriage culture is here worthy of researching. It has changed a lot over time due to the change of dynasties and it varies in different ethics and origins. However, they also have their own unique characteristics and rituals which have been carried forward to the present and still exert a far-reaching influence on later generations. There are five stages of ancient Chinese marriage culture. Primitive group marriage: In the prehistoric time, ancient Chinese lived together by groups and there was no such thing as fixed spouses. As the female group was the weak sex then and there was nothing shameful for them and no marriage customs restrict them. Consanguineous Marriage:Consanguineous marriage emerged during the middle Neolithic Age as the first marriage taboo in Chinese history, which banned a parent-offspring marriage but allowed the marriage of people of the same generation (such as the brother and sister of a family). Exogamous marriage stage: During this period of time, In the exogamous marriage stage, it was very common for the brothers of the same family to marry a wife from the other group, and she would be the wife of all the brothers in the family, and vice versa which is seemingly strange in today’s world. Antithetic marriage: The exogamous marriage had paved the way for this stage, last marriage had shown sign of unstable bound between men women. and it retained some vestiges of group marriage with

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